Kommentarwerk Bergsportkommentar

Editors' foreword

Zitiervorschlag: Rahel Müller / Anne Mirjam Schneuwly, Vorwort, in: Anne Mirjam Schneuwly/Rahel Müller (Hrsg.), Bergsportkommentar, https://bergsportkommentar.ch/vorwort, 1. Aufl., (publiziert am 23. Dezember 2022). 

Kurzzitat: Müller / Schneuwly, Rz. xx.

This publication is to be understood as a practical commentary. The online mountain sports commentary was written by mountain sports enthusiastic lawyers and is aimed at authorities, legal representatives, mountain sports associations and mountain sports enthusiasts involved in mountain sports. In the jurisprudential literature, individual contributions on the legal issues on the mountain have already been published, but a comprehensive commentary, which covers the essential issues in criminal and civil law as well as in public law, does not yet exist.

With Editions Weblaw, a "dynamic" online commentary is to be created, which is equivalent to a publication platform: On the one hand, new authors with contributions on mountain sports, which have not yet been dealt with, should be able to join at any time. On the other hand, in case of changes in law or practice, authors should be able to react quickly and publish the new version of their contribution without having to wait for the publication of a consolidated second edition. It is not intended to publish a print version; the project intends to operate exclusively in the digital space.

The general part (1) serves as a basis for the further legal analyses. In addition to explanations of the general principles, the general part contains contributions that are of importance across mountain sports.

In the special part (2) the individual mountain sports are presented. The contributions of about 5 to 15 pages are basically all structured in the same way and cover questions of private law, criminal law and public law.

The contributions on the individual mountain sports will probably be grouped as follows: 1. on foot in the mountains (hiking; trail running; alpine tours); 2. on the rope (climbing); 3. on skis (ski touring and off-piste skiing; piste skiing); 4. by bike (mountain biking); 5. mountain and air (paragliding; base jump); 6. mountain and water (canyoning); 7. hors catégorie (hunting in the mountains).

The editors would like to thank all the authors for their valuable contribution. Without the great team of authors and their willingness to work pro bono on this work, the realization would not have been possible. We would also like to thank Editions Weblaw, in particular Mr. Philip Hanke, for the competent supervision of this commentary volume.

Bern/Zurich, November 2022

Rahel Müller
Anne Mirjam Schneuwly