Franz Kummer and Gian Sandro Genna at INNOVATION.LAW.

On 6 April 2017, the INNOVATION.LAW Legal Industry Forum will take place in Zurich.

The legal community gathers to explore and debate current
and future accelerations in the new business and technology of law.

Franz Kummer (Founder & President of the Board of Directors, Weblaw AG – Berne, CH) and Dr. Gian Sandro Genna (Attorney-at-law, Founder Jusonline AG – Muri b. Berne, CH) will talk about Digital Legal Services (the legal community shares resources and information and builds a network around the self-transformation of the legal market). Their speech «Die digitale Anwaltskanzlei – Praxistipps und Vertiefung» will be held in the Breakout Session (Part 1).