Festschrift for Hajime Yoshino

Festschrift – Formalising Jurisprudence

During a festive ceremony at the occasion of the International Symposium of Legal Information Technology (IRIS) held in February 2019 in Salzburg, Prof. Hajime Yoshino was handed over the Festschrift «Formalising Jurisprudence».

Weblaw had the privilege and the pleasure of realizing this project.

The inspiration for the design came from traditional Japanese woodcuts from the second half of the 18th century. To this day, Japanese artists pursue this tradition. Important characteristics are the absence of light and shadow effects, the visualization of objects and people with clear and fluent lines and the coloured or blank shapes and areas.

Four sketches lead to the final design of the cover (design by Maria Rehli, Editions Weblaw).

Handing over «Formalising Jurisprudence»

Prof. Hajime Yoshino was very pleased by the unique and distinctive design. The cover showed Mount Fuji, the highest mountain of Japan, and a World Heritage site since 2013.

Prof. Hajime Yoshino

Since the 1970s Hajime Yoshino is an influential protagonist of legal logic and legal information technology in Japan. As a member of the community consisting of Herbert Fiedler, Arthur Kaufmann, Ulrich Klug, Lothar Philipps, Jürgen Rödig, Ilmar Tammelo and Ota Weinberger, Hajime Yoshino worked tirelessly to ensure the application of logic in jurisprudence and therefore levelled the way for legal information technology. It is his intention to fortify the formal roots of jurisprudence within the transition to legal information technology.

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  • Friedrich Peschke
  • Francesco Romeo
  • Tetsu Sakurai
  • Chuen‐Tsai Sun
  • Caroline Walser Kessel
  • Yueh‐Hsuan Weng
  • Keiichi Yamanaka


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